Fobes-Ebey Slough Dike trail


Want to know a secret? …This trail! It’s tucked away beneath the shadow of Fobes Hill in Snohomish. Hiding behind some bushes with no signs to lead you there, just familiar landmarks and, for me, memories from years ago. Nostalgia kicked in big time today as my youngest niece and I moseyed our way down the 1.5 mile gravel path that winds through the East side of the Snohomish River (Ebey) Slough. A picture of my childhood stomping grounds.

This wildlife area is a hot spot for duck hunting, salmon fishing and there’s even a few geocaches to find if you’re into that. However, I found it to be a nice relaxing walk with 3 year old Cordelia. It was such a nice day that the birds and frogs were singing in unison their springtime songs. They have no calendars out there in the wild, so who can blame them for jumping the gun a little early?!

We picnicked where the trail dead-ends at a grown over farm gate, then headed back to see the trail from a whole other perspective. We noticed across the river a prominent and naked deciduous tree that bore only a giant, magnificent eagle’s nest. We could hear its call, but never caught sight of it or them. I bet if we came back another day we’d get lucky.

Now, I suppose you want directions to this top secret hideaway? I’ll give them to you on one condition… leave no trace behind, and for bonus points bring a piece of litter or two on your way out. Deal?

To get there, take Fobes Rd that runs to the left of Bickford Motors on Bickford Avenue in Snohomish. Follow a few miles until you pass the Fobes Hill Cemetary on your right. You’ll immediately see a large, blue barn on the left followed by a gravel driveway that spurs to the right. That’s the spot! If you end up hitting a dead end you’ve gone too far, but you’re on fire if we’re playing the hot and cold game.

Have fun exploring this nifty little escape and let us know what you think. We are always excited to have some feedback!

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