Castle Playground Adventure – Snohomish County

I was babysitting today and decided to take my sweet little niece on a fairytale adventure.  With a quick google search we were off on our quest. I found two fairytale playgrounds at local schools Cascade Elementary in Marysville and Mt. Pilchuck Elementary in Lake Stevens. On a quest to be a super Auntie I decided we would visit both realms. They were the perfect back drop for fairytale play and an even better venue for burning off some preschooler energy before dinner.

Cascade Elementary “Fantasy Fortress”


This park was an adventure to be sure.  It had lots of towers to climb, slides for both big and small children, a tire swing, and so much more. For my niece it was a magical kingdom. There were make believe lava pits and many other obstacles and quests.

Fantasy Fortress Slideshow

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Mt. Pilchuck Elementary

We arrived at Mt. Pilchuck Elementary at sunset and played until the sunlight turned into streetlights.


Castle Playground Slideshow

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This elementary school has both a castle playground and a modern playground. If your child gets tired of playing on one style of playground head across the field and there’s a whole different playground waiting for you.

Modern Playground Slideshow

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Another perk of visiting Mt. Pilchuck Elementary’s playground is that they have exercise stations. If you are a parent of youngsters chances are it’s hard to find time to get to the gym or an exercise class.  Use these fitness stations to work out while the kids are playing.

Although both of these playgrounds are located at public schools.  The schools allow the public to utilize these playgrounds when school is not in session.  Please do not visit during the school day. These playgrounds are community favorites in the evenings, weekends, and holidays when school is out.



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