Tea and Crumpets at Country Village

While waiting for a baby sister to be born, my niece and I had a tea party adventure.  It was not only a great rainy day activity it was a good opportunity to wear a fancy dress and have a real tea party, without the mess. Village Eatery Tea Company did all the work. We were seated by the window and brought our tea followed by trays of finger sandwiches, fruit, pastries, and scones. Everything was delicious!

Tea Party Slideshow

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This tea house is located in Country Village which is a cute little shopping area with craft shops, performing arts, antique stores, toy store, spa, restaurants, and more. We stopped to shop at Toys that Teach a fun educational toy store. They have cool stuff for junior nerds like chemistry sets, erector sets, puzzles, and more.

There are ducks and other bird life that live in the ponds and streams that wander through the property.  It creates a park like setting. The property also includes a couple different playgrounds for children.  A perfect place for a kid to burn off some energy and be ready for shopping. The buildings are what I would call a quaint cross between Pacific Northwest and Victorian architecture. It’s all very adorable.

Country Village Grounds Slideshow

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