Space Traveling Cats

For a rainy day adventure visit Meowtropolitan and the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company.

Start your day at Meowtropolitan, a cat cafe. You can either view the kitties at play through the viewing window or for a small fee play with the cats while you enjoy a cup of joe. These are rescue cats and they are so adorable. If you plan to interact with the cats, make sure you make reservations, spots fill quickly. Reservations are easy to make on their website.

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Planning an off planet excursion? In the market for a black hole starter kit or a beaker tea infuser? Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company is the perfect store for sci-fi enthusiasts, evil geniuses, and teachers. You can even teleport yourself to the Bureau of Fearless Ideas (BFI).  One at a time please, your molecules could get scrambled. Beware the hours are limited so check the website before you go.

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company is adjacent to the Bureau of Fearless ideas (BFI). This fun Bureau offers after school tutoring programs for elementary through high school as well as cool workshops on comic book writing, poetry, and more.

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Across the street you will find a school themed Bar called the Teachers Lounge. If you’re longing for an adult beverage at the end of your quest.

As you travel from Meowtropolitan to Greenwood Space Travel Company, keep an eye out for the Phinney Air Raid Tower, it is on the corner of 67th and Phinney adjacent to the Phinney Community Center.  The tower was built during the cold war to alert the Greenwood community of potential nuclear attacks.  Since the cold war ended the tower has been decommissioned, but it still stands as a reminder and a cool looking landmark.

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