Let’s Play Games!

The Let’s Play Cafe is an arcade and game room located in Monroe, WA. This establishment features a wide array of arcade and pinball machines.  You can buy tokens at their front desk.  If it’s role play or board gaming that interests you, they have several tables set up for that as well. The retail portion of the facility sells gaming supplies and figurines. They also, have a nice space for parties too.

Check their online calendar for gaming events, they have various gatherings throughout the month for gaming aficionados and novice players. Let’s Play Cafe hosts a wide array of games such as: Magic, D & D, War Hammer, and much more. The people that work there are not only knowledgeable, but also eager to answer questions about gaming.

They do sell snacks at the Let’s Play Cafe, but you may want to get dinner before you go.

Let’s Play Cafe is the brainchild of David Shoemaker, a local software developer and now small business owner.  David was an avid collector and turned that hobby into a family friendly gaming place. Let’s Play Cafe opened in 2014.

Get out and play in a fun family setting!

Directions to Let’s Play Cafe

1lets play cafe map

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