Skagit County Museum & Barn Tour

Farming is near and dear to our family.  We come from generations of farmers and our Dad still has a herd of beautiful black angus.  So, it only seemed natural to take him to the Skagit County Museum located in La Connor, Washington and for a barn tour.

The Skagit County Museum has a collection focused on both Native American and Pioneer heritage.  You will find historical items that tell the history of the Skagit Valley area as well as local art in the museums three galleries.

A few years ago the museum had a barn photo contest.  From that photo contest they put together a brochure with the barn addresses and a map.  We tried to take this tour, but had trouble using the map and app listed in the brochure, so will save it for another day.  You can use the barn information link below and put the addresses into your GPS. Have fun finding these scenic Skagit Valley Farms. These barns are on private property, please only view barns from the road.  Do not trespass.

Skagit Barn Information


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