Tubing at Snoqualmie

This was a heck a lot of fun! The 500 foot tubing course has several tracks laid side by side. They are open December to March, Friday through Sunday, but check website for rates, dates, and hours of operation. The tube is provided with admission. They also, have night sledding that looks like fun.

It was just a quick two hour stop while passing through, but so much fun! We are already planning to come back soon for night sledding.

Ride the escalator back up the hill, but watch your step getting off and on.

The bottom video is the blooper reel. Jamie and I were racing, but I’m a terrible camerawoman.

Cell service at the summit is spotty, so take directions with you. Although, it is very easy to find.  Take East Snoqualamie Summit exit head towards the ski lifts, then left at the “T” on to 906, it will be about a half mile down on your left.  Plenty of parking.

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