Cherry Creek Falls Trail

Cherry Falls in Duvall, Washington can be difficult to find. We had to make two attempts at this hike. This 25 foot waterfall is about 3.25 miles from the trailhead. The first couple miles the trail is clearly marked.  The last little bit is not quite so well marked.  The best advice I can give is stay on the main logging grade until about 2.5 miles give or take. At this point look for a trail to the right marked with a small orange ribbon.

you know you’re going the right direction if you see this car about 100 feet in.

About a half mile after the car you will find the falls. Be prepared to get wet and muddy. In the spring there are several small streams and a lot of mud that cross the trail.

You may become frustrated in your pursuit for the elusive Cherry Valley Falls, but she is well worth the quest.

cherry map

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