Tour the Lake Part 1 (Lundeen Park)

After a visit to the Lake Stevens library to read up on some local history I decided that I couldn’t tell the story of the legendary Lake Stevens of Lake Stevens in just one blog post. Also, each park along its vast shores offer a unique experience to be had. Here begins Part 1 of a series of adventures and glimpses back in time…

I’m launching this tour of Lake Stevens at its Northeastern tip at Lundeen Park. This is really a very well done park with lots to do. Below is a list of amenities you will find. However, major renovation is under way and According to what the nice lady at the on site visitor center told me it will be done before summer! It sounds like this already cool park is leveling up on the coolness scale.

  • 2 sets of playground equipment for toddlers and bigger kiddos
  • Grassy field for picnics and lawn games
  • Covered picnic area that can be rented for events
  • Sandy beach with swimming access
  • Long dock for fishing and views
  • Plumbed bathrooms
  • Kayak and paddle board rentals available through Paddle Broz. They run a kiosk at the lake during the summer or book them online.
  • Wetland exploration
  • Basketball court

Now let’s get into some history while we’re at our first stop. Lundeen Park was named after the Lundeen family who took ownership in 1908. It all began when the previous owners, The Johnson’s, were expecting a baby.

Baby Johnson was having some difficulties during labor so they sent for Grandma Lundeen who was a mid-wife in the area. Mrs. Lundeen arrived as quickly as she could by rowboat to the Johnson farm and safely assisted in the delivery a healthy child. However, while there, she fell in love with the land. It was 30 acres of orchard, native plants, a meandering stream and an endless sandy beach stretching 300 feet alongside the picturesque Lake Stevens.

Grandma Lundeen offered to the Johnson’s that if they ever were to decide to sell their homestead that she would be glad to purchase the paradise. Only a few years later and the Johnson farm switched hands to become the Lundeen farm. Although, they quickly discovered that farming wasn’t nearly as fruitful as the surrounding resorts on the lake.

Passerby vacationers would frequently come to the Lundeen residence to ask permission to picnic at their inviting beach. It didn’t take long before they were charging an entrance fee. They were seeing so much success that they eventually built a resort like no other.

Most folks today walk through the park without even realizing that out over the dazzling waters stood a dance hall built on pilings that could hold 1,000 visitors. The Lundeen’s also built a tavern with a massive 60 foot bar, a 40,000 square foot enclosed swimming area with all the latest and greatest pool toys of the time, and even more impressive they created a regulation sized baseball stadium with covered seating for 1,000 fans. The resort hosted big named bands every Saturday during the summers which kept the land alive and buzzing with visitors from near and far.

It’s all gone now, but we can use our imagination while strolling through this treasured park, and be thankful that Snohomish County purchased this section way back when to be sure that people of any status and any amount of coin in their pockets can have a taste of resort life on Lake Stevens. Enjoy!

Postcard from the 1920’s of the original dock. Sourced from a post by Loren Nordby on a Lake Stevens Facebook Group.


maps lundeen

10020 Lundeen Parkway

Lake Stevens, Wa 98258


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