Teepee Falls

My husband and I took a drive this afternoon up the Suiattle River Road outside of Darrington, Wa. We hit a little bit of snow, but made it just fine to our destination and even beyond. My sights were on something I had driven over several times, but didn’t know was there.

6.75 miles up the Suiattle River road you’ll come across a very unsuspecting bridge surrounded by trees and an okay mountain view to your right. Nothing that would cause you to stop your car and investigate. However, my husband discovered this hidden beauty a while back and was set on showing me his finding.

After we parked by the bridge I walked over to the side rail to peer over, and there I saw it! Big Creek violently winds and shoves it’s way through a narrow gorge over 100 feet below with Teepee Falls taking a few small leaps downstream toward the Suiattle River.

There’s a trail down to the Falls, but it’s steep and a bit of a bushwhack. Just be very careful if you attempt it. From the bridge you will notice a concrete wall further down stream. This is where an old railroad trestle once shot over Big Creek that was used for logging long ago. In the photo below you will notice an orange tent (that has been there for years) is sitting right at the concrete ledge. My goal this summer is to haul that tent out of there and properly dispose of it. It won’t be an easy feat, but one Mother Nature will thank me for.

We spent the rest of our journey re-exploring the Suiattle River Rd and enjoying the winter landscape. The whole place was ours which was a rare treat in an area that I am ever so fond of. Many Spring and Summer adventures will be had and shared with our readers from this majestic slice of tribal and National Forest land.

Aerial videos of Big Creek and Teepee Falls below:

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