FishViews (Virtual Adventure)

So we know about Google Street View and how you can take a virtual tour down nearly every public street in America, but what about our waterways? FishViews is a revolutionary company that is mapping our waterways one river and one shoreline at a time.

I just took a tour down the North Fork Stillaguamish with high definition panoramic as well as underwater views the whole way. I could even spot my own home, so be sure to wave as you float on by! You won’t even have to get wet or buy a boat for this adventure. I traveled all the way to Arlington from my house while sporting fuzzy slipper socks and sipping a cup of joe in bed.

As I play around more with FishView I am discovering loads of features. You have access to water level data and if you have those fancy 3D goggles for your smartphone you’re in for a 3D trip of a lifetime. Not to mention how amazing it is to see those blue lines on the map turn into real life images. This is an exciting project that is evolving and expanding as we speak. I expect there’s more great things to come here. Check it out!

Try out FishView here!

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