Arlington’s Art Walk

The Centennial Trail was built on the old Burlington-Northern Railroad track. It runs from Stanwood to Snohomish. That’s 29 miles of scenic bicycling and walking paved trail. It’s a county treasure to be sure. My family loves to go bicycling anytime of year on the trail.  The Centennial trail begins at the Nakashima Barn in Stanwood and then travels a few miles South to Arlington where you will find today’s adventure.

Several years ago the non-profit, Arlington’s Art Council, started creating art along the city’s portion of the Centennial trail.  As you walk the trail you will find beautiful art pieces and murals from Haller Park to the Pioneer Museum. This is called the Arlington Art Walk. Stop at the Chamber of Commerce located at Legion Park.  It has a lot of good parking, is centrally located, and you can pick up your Arlington Art Walk map from the Chamber.

Next go find some art.  Keep your eyes pealed there are so many pieces to see. The trail is pretty flat, perfect for strollers. If you’re bringing children make sure you stop at the Sound Garden.  It’s an art piece that is interactive, you can make music.  Great fun for little ones.


The Pioneer Museum located to the South of Arlington is quite impressive.  I did not get the chance to visit the Museum because they are closed during the winter months, but I will be back.  There were so many things to see on the grounds and behind the museum and there is another barn filled with antique tractors.


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