Tour the Lake Part 2 (North Lakeshore Swimming Beach)

The second stop on the tour of Lake Stevens is really quite quick and to the point, so I’ll get the details out of the way before getting into the juicy parts. With a modest sandy beach feet from the parking area and a nice dock putting you out just far enough to get your fishing line out into trout territory. You are perfectly set up for some efficient summertime adventures here at North Lakeshore Swimming Beach! Especially if the other parks are too crowded in summer.

Although this particular park seems to lack notable history, it is still a portal to the great and mysterious Lake Stevens itself. Its waters brimmed with folk tales and tragedy. Where things disappear only to reappear and inside its belly you will find long lost buried treasure. Let’s embark on some of these fun and peculiar oddities of Lake Stevens. Here we go….

  • At one point in time the city considered the idea of turning the depths of Lake Stevens into an underwater park. A teenager sparked the conversation, but it has yet to come to fruition. Apparently it’s a wonderland under the surface, which explains why the thought was being entertained. Folks throughout time have told and retold a story of a mysterious sunken logging train engine in the lake on until the mid 1990s when the Navy finally discovered the ancient beast under nearly 15 feet of soot. They used sonar and probes to locate the engine. It’s speculated to have been there since somewhere around 1911 when the brakes gave way and it dove into the water. Many extensive searches were done by experienced divers that they almost declared it a bonafide myth. Funny how Lake Stevens could hide 25 to 30 feet of solid locomotive for so long!
  • Although the last mystery was solved, there are a few that haven’t been. It seems that Lake Stevens has its own portal much like the Bermuda Triangle. At least these odd tales would make one believe this to be true. More famously a man drowned in the lake when a canoe he was on tipped over. His body was later found in Puget Sound near Everett. This phenomenon happened again when a log marked with the Rucker Mill stamp (a mill on the lake early 1900s) showed up in Puget Sound. There was simply no explanation. Stories like this have even surfaced in Native American Legends as well when a Native man crossed the lake only to disappear. These oddities have yet to be explained.
  • We all know that some mysteries are merely rumors that have gotten out of hand. Lake Stevens has fallen victim to many of these I’m sure, but I was able to dig up one such rumor that had to of cost some poor fellow a lot of cash. Back in 1892 it was rumored around the lake that oil could be found there. So an oil company invested in transporting expensive equipment out to the (at the time) primitive Lake Stevens to drill 400 feet to not find a single drop of oil. They had to cap the well and call it a loss. A major loss it must’ve been.

I did uncover several more interesting stories and facts surrounding the beautiful Lake Stevens, but we have only just begun this tour. See you next time at North Cove Park in Part 3 of the Tour the Lake series.


.2 miles West of downtown on N Lakeshore Dr, Lake Stevens, WA 98258



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy Tennant says:

    I am excited to read about the rest of the adventure on the lake.

  2. Mom says:

    The oil company came to Snohomish only they did strike oil, just a low grade. That’s where oil well road got it’s name.

    1. Liz Duncan says:

      I didn’t know that!

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