The Old Cloverdale Farm – Whitehorse Trail

The Whitehorse Trail spans 27 miles from Arlington to Darrington, Wa. Connecting from the Centennial trail and following the North Fork Stillaguamish River upstream along an old BNSF railroad grade. The line was originally laid in 1901 and served several mill and mining operations along the way.

This afternoon I thought I would make a quick trip down to the old Cloverdale Dairy Farm (Trafton Trailhead). A 127 acre parcel of land that Snohomish County had purchased in 1998 to become another access point to the Whitehorse Trail. It’s really a very neat trailhead as you wind through the old farm buildings and a great big silo to get on the trail. It was snowing when I got there which made for great photos.

You have options once you meet the Whitehorse Trail. Go left and you will have 4 miles of trail before reaching Arlington. You will pass through the Pilchuck Tree Farm along the way. Choose to go right and there’s a hefty 23 miles of scenic and historical sights to explore. Want another option? Follow the grass trail down to the river and enjoy!

I do, however, want to note that the Whitehorse Trail has been under construction for a very long time. A large portion of the trail was destroyed in the Oso landslide and it has taken time to heal. Also, improvements are being made throughout. I suspect they will be finished very soon. To follow the progress you can access the project site at Snohomish County Parks and Recreation.


Heading East on Highway 530 toward Darrington turn left after 4 miles onto 115th Ave NE Arlington, Wa 98224. The barn is a half mile down the road on your left.

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