Old School Park – Darrington

Snow covered Old School Park by Charlie Duncan Photography. Click to view “Impending Storm” time lapse!

In the heart of Darrington, Wa sits Old School Park. If you are coming from out of town you have probably been oohing and ahhing out the car window the whole way due to the spectacular scenery. Once you get into town (where the park is) you are intensely aware that you are surrounded by dramatic, towering snow capped mountains. In the snapshot above you will see from left to right is Gold Hill, Iron Mountain dwarfed by Jumbo Mountain and then Whitehorse Mountain. This is just half of the 360 degree mountainous view you can see from the park. It is jaw dropping every time and a place I feel so lucky to live. I have heard many a local refer to Darrington as “God’s country”.

Whitehorse Mountain from Old School Park by Charlie Duncan Photography. Click to view time lapse!

Today we got hit with lots of snow, so the picture at top doesn’t really show too well the brand new skate park, pump track, covered picnic area, basketball & tennis court, play equipment, plumbed bathroom and giant grassy lawn. This is a great stop to come see what Darrington is all about and read the historical signs to learn about this quaint little town hidden in the North Cascades. The park itself carries its own history as the original school grounds of Darrington during the logging and mining boom of the early 1900s. A quick and informative read is The Schools of Old School Park by Discover Darrington. Their site is the key to all that beauty Darrington has to offer as well as the source of the historical cover photo I used of the original school.


1026 Alvord St, Darrington, WA 98241

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