Mukilteo Beach – Campfires and Special Memories

Mukilteo Beach is a picturesque place to visit. The lighthouse is still in operation for navigation purposes and provides a scenic photo opportunity with the ferry passing in the background.  The lighthouse and grounds also act as a museum and gift shop open April through September. Put into service In 1906 this facility is well over 120 years old.

The Mukilteo Historical Society provides this virtual tour of the lighthouse on their website. If you can’t make it in person, take the virtual tour.

Take a walking tour courtesy of the Mukilteo Historical Society, Jericho Bridge Church, and the City of Mukilteo. Just click this link to learn more about the rich history of this park and its surroundings.

One of my favorite things about Mukilteo beach is the fire pits.  This is a great place to go for a beach campfire any time of year. One year we were there for a kids birthday party, it was Easter time so we used peeps instead of marshmallows for our smores. It’s very convenient because the restrooms, covered picnic area, and playground are just feet from the concrete fire pits. Don’t forget to bring firewood and double check that there isn’t a burn ban.


You will also see lots of beautiful native American art throughout the park. These pieces were designed by the Tulalip tribe.  Visit the kiosk near the art for details.


This park and it’s surrounding area bring back fond memories for me.  When I was just a wee little six year old girl, my Dad worked at one of the Weyerhaeuser Mills in Everett pulling green chain. A hard job that didn’t pay a lot of money.  While working for Weyerhaeuser he won a performance award and was given the choice between a new pair of steel toe boots or a gift certificate for the Seahorse Restaurant.  The Seahorse was a fancy restaurant that was located just feet from this park. My Dad decided to pass on the boots he probably needed to treat his family out to dinner at the swanky Seahorse.

I remember everything about that dinner. I was dressed in my best dress and my shiney patent leather shoes. While we waited to be seated me and my little sister, Jaime stared wide eyed into the massive lobby aquariums in wonder.  It was the first time we had ever seen seahorses.  We looked on in amazement and bewilderment at these odd little creatures of the sea.

This was the first time I ever ate at a fancy restaurant.  The waiters were very attentive.  I remember my sister and I kept trying to drink all our water out of our crystal glasses, but each time we got close along came a waiter.  I’m sure my mother loved taking us to the bathroom every 20 minutes. We were so excited I think we barely touched our dinner. It was such a special evening.

Little did I know this building would again became the site of a special memory several years later when a handsome young man asked me to have dinner with him at that very same site.  Since those early years the restaurant had changed hands many times and had become the Diamond Knot.  We shared a pizza and went for a walk on the beach where we shared our first kiss.  That handsome man would become my husband. We still love to visit this site each year and reminisce.


The Diamond Knot also has an ice cream window during the summer on the park side of their establishment. You can also find soft serve ice cream cones at the ferry dock at the walk up Ivars windo.



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