Storm Lake

Storm Lake is part of an area outside of Snohomish that the locals know as “Three Lakes”. Panther Lake is nearby and even closer is Flowing Lake which sums up the trio. They are all tried and true fishing holes if you ask me. 🎣🤠

When I got there the other day the gate was closed, probably for the season, but I found plenty of room for parking without blocking the gate. As far as I know, this is the only public access point to the 78 acre lake. The limited access makes fishing from the shore rather difficult, so your best bet is to launch your boat right here. They prohibit combustion motors, which helps keep its quiet ambiance.

Used to there was a large log to the left of the boat launch through the bushes that you could walk out onto the lake on. I’ve caught a few rainbows and cutthroat trout from here, but it’s a hot spot for bass and bluegill. The brush was just too thick right now to see if the log was still hiding out there among the lilly pads.

There’s also a wooded area next to the launch that I explored while I was visiting. It had faint trails throughout that seemed to lead to nowhere. This made me guess that there might be a geocache to find somewhere in the mature timber and marshland alongside the pretty little Storm Lake. Let me know if you find it!


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