Northpointe Workout Park and Trail

We began our journey today at the Northpointe Workout Park in South Marysville, Wa. My niece and I worked up an appetite with a quick exercise circuit to test out the equipment before our picnic. Some of the equipment was just too grownup sized for her, but overall we found the park to be a good compromise for all ages.

After sitting for our picnic it began to get a bit chilly, so we decided to find the trail that connects to this park and get the blood pumping again. Just down the hill is an access point a perfect hop, skip and a jump away. However, we got back in the car and drove to the Southern tip of Northpointe Trail. That way we could experience it in its entirety.

I am glad we did. Otherwise we would have missed out on scoping out a few good picnic spots to come back to this summer. Also, the entire trail runs along Munson Creek which is pleasant to the ears as it hurries by. We took a few side trails down to explore the banks along the way. A nice spot to play and discover nature’s offerings.

About a half mile up the trail you will come to an end, but not without a finale. There’s a baseball diamond and three lively ponds filled with all kinds of birds. My niece’s favorite was a sweet little red-winged blackbird that followed us around. The only bummer is that the ponds were gated, but we still enjoyed them from afar before heading back. Today’s adventure was surely a hit!

Park location:

7501 70th St NE Marysville, Wa

pnwmaps vs 2


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