Tumwater Dam

The Tumwater Dam is located between Leavenworth and Stevens pass, near milepost 95. It was built in 1909 by The Great Northern Railway Company. It was one of the biggest dams of its time this side of Niagara Falls. You might be wondering what the heck would the railroad need electricity out in the middle of nowhere for. They needed electricity for electric locomotives to guide the steam and coal locomotives through the tunnels. Otherwise dangerous gasses built up in the tunnels.

The site was later sold to the Chelan County PUD and has been decommissioned. It’s still a beautiful place to stop and take some photos.

If you stop, follow the stairs down to the viewing area and snap some photos of this mammoth man made waterfall. The falls stretch 400 feet across the Wenatchee River.

On the other side of the dam you will find a peaceful pool of water reflecting the majestic Cascade Mountains upon its mirrored surface. This is a pet friendly stop, but take care to keep them on a leash.

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