The Eagle Trail

You know when you have found something totally cool and you are absolutely content with this place or thing exactly as it is, but then you find out it has way more features than you initially realized? That is how I feel about Haller Park. I was there recently (you might have already seen the post) and discovered a portal into walking trail heaven!

In the very back of the parking lot to Haller Park is the gateway that takes you under the Highway 9 overpass and into the remnants of a scout camp long forgotten. This little known secret is called The Eagle Trail, and to explain it I will just have to give you a written tour.

Not too far into the Trail you will come to a fork in the road with the option to go explore the scout buildings and wetland/wildlife viewing area or keep right for access to the Stillaguamish River. I chose to keep right knowing that I would be back for the rest.

This river access trail heads straight West and I noted about 5 different boot paths down to the rocky beach. The best spot is at the very end where a wide path takes you out onto a really broad and accessible spot on the beach. Below is a video capturing the waterfront, which is ideal fishing access.

At this point I turned back and headed for the wetland area. There’s a loop that takes you around the old abandoned structures from the scout camp and into a trail system that is mapped below. Before entering the wetland I stopped to explore the buildings and take photos of an amazing lone tree in the lawn. There were a few nice covered picnic areas I noticed as well.


The wetland trail was a nice little walk with bridges over the ponds and marshland. There were a few perches to attract birds and lots of different plant life. If you are looking for an easy little jaunt in nature this is your trail. It appeared that dogs were allowed as well. Well worth the visit to this abandoned oasis.


1100 West Ave Arlington, Wa 98223

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lauren says:

    Part of this park used to be my family’s home. We lived there until I was 8. There are so many places to explore. It was a great place to grow up.

    1. Liz Duncan says:

      I bet it was a great place to grow up! So beautiful!

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