Ebey Waterfront Trail

Here I am, again, poking around in the Ebey Slough. I have stood on mountain peaks and hiked to remote areas of the great PNW, but there is always this pull in my heart that brings me to the Slough. This swampy, mucky paradise is part of an almost 2,000 square mile watershed of the Snohomish River. Its brackish waters are always alive with wildlife and acres of cattails.

This particular access point to the Ebey Slough is fairly new, as it is part of a project to restore the Qwuloolt Estuary. Eventually this trail will connect to other neighboring trails which will make for an amazing trail system to explore and enjoy the wetland.

In the parking lot you will see a playground, restroom and a boat launch, but to the left is the 3 mile round trip trail to West Levee Breach Overlook. The first half mile or so you are hugging a chain link fence with the Slough on your right. Once beyond the fence the paved trail leads you out onto the wetland where I saw around 10 different kinds of birds. I counted 3 blue heron on my walk as well. Luck was on my side as I watched one catch a fish right before my eyes.

This day was so beautiful even the mountains were out. From this part of the Slough you can see Mount Pilchuck, Whitehorse Mountain, Three Fingers and Mount Baker on a clear day. On the way back you can even see the Olympics in the distance. Places like this that are quick excursions from the city are crucial for refueling a heart full of wanderlust. I know this little trail will put a smile on your faces as well.

Mount Pilchuck

Whitehorse Mountain & Three Fingers

Mount Baker

Oh, and if you like old and abandoned things (like I do) then you will love this old boat along the trail and the floating structure by the boat launch. Go get some cool photos and share them with us. We would love too see! 😎


1404 1st St Marysville, Wa 98270

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  1. Judy Tennant says:

    Beautiful pictures.

    1. Liz Duncan says:

      Thank you!

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