Little Mountain Park

All of Skagit Valley’s beauty is laid out below when you reach the summit of Little Mountain. The farmlands are like quilt squares and the Skagit River flows like a ribbon binding it all together. In late April and early March the valley floor is ablaze with bright color from the tulip blooms. If you’re lucky on a very clear day you might just glimpse the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Visit the Little Mountain Park website prior to your visit to find more information and maps to help you make the most of your time at the park. The park is located a mere ten minutes from the town of Mount Vernon.

The road through the park goes directly to the summit, with few places to park along the way.  Once you reach the summit there is a parking lot, restrooms, and several picnic benches. There are two viewpoints are an easy walk from the parking lot and both worth a visit. Pickering Point looks out towards the Puget Sound while the North View Point looks towards Canada.

In 1924 the people of Mount Vernon decided they wanted a park to preserve the dwindling forest lands. That same year Edward English, owner of English Lumber Company, donated 240 acres for a public park.  This was just the beginning.  The Women’s Club led by Nellie Chambers would continue their efforts to expand the park with the assistance of Nellie’s husband, Thomas Chambers.  Their work would lead to a doubling of the parks size.  Today the Little Mountain Park is over 500 acres in size and the jewel of Mt. Vernon.

The park features over 10 miles of hiking trails and 6.5 miles of trails that allow bicycles. If you biking be careful to pay attention to trail signage. Some trails are hiker only.

If you are looking for a stroller friendly trail or just a nice leisurely walk visit the nature trail at the foot of the mountain.

There is a hang gliding ramp at Pickering Point, but it looks like it hasn’t been used in many years.

Do be careful as you make your way up the mountain the road is very narrow and there are often pedestrians sharing the road.  Parking at Little Mountain is limited and many trail heads feed directly to and from the narrow road. This makes for a precarious mix of cars and pedestrians on a narrow mountain road.

My only complaint about this adventure is the limited parking. The summit has parking, but the many other trail heads throughout the mountain do not have parking or if they do it’s merely a hand full of spots.

This adventure is dog friendly. For more adventures near Little Mountain visit Mount Vernon Getaway,  Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens & Pilchuck Living History Farm, and Skagit County Museum & Barn Tour.pnwmaps vs 2

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  1. Wow!! how fun!! It looks beautiful! Was there any mosquito?

    1. Sandy Bartel says:

      I didn’t encounter any mosquitoes. It’s probably still to early for them, thankfully. 🙂

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