Eagle Ridge Park

Eagle Ridge Park in Lake Stevens, Wa is not your typical park with playground equipment and built in barbecues. Rather it is a playground for the imagination. No play equipment, just nature. I took my niece there today and we had the whole place to ourselves.

The park grounds is shared with the Lake Stevens Senior Center, and the entrance sits right on top of a hill above the lake. There’s a good sized grassy lawn to play in before descending down the trail into an old growth forest. It’s a little steep at first before it levels out and winds you through some beautiful woodland before ending at the road below. There’s s peekaboo view of Lake Stevens here and you have the option to cut across the road and head to Lundeen Park.

We turned back and took our time inspecting all the curiosities along the way such as mushrooms, bugs, interesting trees and stumps, places where fairies might live and we even spotted a few wild flowers starting to bloom. Returning to the car with a pocket full of litter we gathered to ensure that we left the trail better than we found it.

My impression on Eagle Ridge Park is that it is a great spot to avoid the crowds and it would be a perfect beginner hike at around 1.5 miles round trip and less than 100 feet elevation gain. A very nice little adventure not too far off the highway.


2302 Soper Hill Rd Lake Stevens, Wa 98258

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  1. Judy Tennant says:

    Cute kid .i like idea your always looking for things todo outside

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