Picnic Point and Ship Graveyard

This is a small park located in North Lynnwood on the Puget Sound. Much like Howarth Park you need to use a pedestrian bridge to cross the train tracks. This little park has some fantastic views of the water, Whidbey Island, and the Olympic Mountains.


Follow the walkway down to the beach to find picnic benches and BBQs. There is also a nice field for play or lounging.  The beach is a mix of sand & gravel. During low tide you can see some remaining pilings of what I’ve been told used to be a place you could rent boats from many, many decades ago.


While I was visiting I noticed a harem of sea lions that were sunbathing off shore. They were doing a back float sunning their bellies and chattering to each other.

At low tide you can make your way across the beach and take a slightly closer look at the ship graveyard. Note the 26 ships on that beach are on private property, so please adhere to trespassing signs, be respectful, and keep your distance. The 26 decommissioned ships were brought to the property to strip and dispose of.

You can find information on the vessel that still stands intact at The Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society. Her name is the MV Pacific Queen. She was born in 1942 and like Rosie the Riveter she did her part during World War II as an ARS salvage vessel for the Navy. After the war ended the Queen of the Pacific found herself out of work.  She was recommissioned in 1947 and became a fishery vessel. In 1958 the Queen met her demise in a gas explosion that killed one crew member and sank her in 30 feet of water in Tacoma.  She was later exhumed from her watery grave, stripped of her salvageable materials, and sent aground at Franzen Beach just North of Picnic Point. The Seattle Fire Department and the Coast Guard had planned to burn her, but she was put aground too close to the woods and couldn’t risk a forest fire. Instead she was abandoned and has since become an interesting landmark.

The park is dog and kid friendly.

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