Lake Goodwin Community Park

The best adventures hardly ever go as planned. That is why this one was so much fun. I had promised to take my niece to the beach this day and had actually planned to take her out to Wenberg County Park, but that turned out to be a flop. We paid the $10 park fee to get in only to find that the beach was totally inaccessible due to construction. Some signs at the entrance would have saved us some trouble, but hey, I’m not the one in charge.

At this point I could have called it a day, but I did promise her a beach. After doing some googling I found that Lake Goodwin had another sandy shore just down the road. We hopped back in the car and found our way to a nice little spot called Lake Goodwin Community Park. The best part is that it was totally FREE!

I was really amazed at how much there was to do here. There was a pretty neat playground with unique toys, a covered picnic area, big sandy beach, massive dock with a floating expansion at the end for diving and fishing, a good sized swimming area, and another small hidden beach and dock we found while exploring the connected nature trail. We spent hours here enjoying the sunshine, sharing our fruit with a couple friendly ducks and hiking the trail.


4620 Lakewood Rd Stanwood, Wa 98292
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