Lake Tye Park

Lake Tye is one of those places I hate to like. It was completely man made while homes were built in tight rows beside it. It’s not really my perfect scenario for getting out in nature, but there is just something about it that keeps me coming back.

The park itself is 64 acres while the Lake takes up 42 of them. Looping around the lake is a 1.5 mile trail for running, walking, bicycling and fishing access. They stock it with rainbow trout and bass every season. I have had luck catching a few small trout from the West bank in the past. Being there today made me want to try my luck again.

Other features to the park are covered picnic areas, totally cool playground that was just redone, a skate park, sandy beach, pedestrian boat launch and giant baseball field. Really, this is a very well made park with all it has to offer. With over $1 million invested it’s surely a nice feature for the town of Monroe, Wa.

Despite this park being relatively new it turns out that it actually has a history. The name Tye is from the name of a logging town that thrived there in the 1890s. Probably an urban legend, but locals claim that the railroad tie was invented there. Doubtful, but we will let them have it. Tye City was eventually combined with nearby communities Park Place and Wales, and together they formed Monroe. Named in the honor of the 5th president James Monroe. Sometimes a little history knowledge can give a modern place a homier feel and the heart may even grow fonder. I find this to be true for the young Lake Tye.


From Everett head east on Highway 2 about fourteen miles. At the signal light, turn right on Fryelands Blvd SE. In about 0.7 miles, at Wales St SE, turn right into the parking area for Lake Tye Park

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do they allow dogs on a leash at all there?

    1. Sandy Bartel Tennant says:

      Yes, they do.

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