Rainy Day Portland

We recently spent a weekend in Portland. As typical for this time of year it was raining. So, I went to plan B. We played a round of mini golf at Portland’s Glowing Green Mini Golf Course followed by delicious food truck cuisine and Voodoo Donuts.

The Glowing Greens in Portland had just opened two days prior to our visit. It was a little disorganized, but they had great customer service.

It is 14 holes of black lit mini golf. Take that into consideration when you are planning your wardrobe. It’s fun when your shoelaces are white or some other piece of clothing. The course is pirate themed and perfect for families or for date night.


Portland is famous for its food truck cuisine. In the heart of Portland you will find a parking lot with so many food trucks you will lose count. The center still remains open to parking, while the perimeter is lined with the best food truck cuisine you can hope to enjoy. They offer all kinds of international cuisines and old favorites.

After much deliberation we enjoyed a macaroni bar, Vietnamese spring rolls, and Thia bubble tea. We followed this by a walk through Powell’s Bookstore.  If you love Bookstores, this is a must make stop.

No visit to Portland is complete without a trip to Voodoo Donuts. It’s hard to explain Voodoo Donuts if you haven’t been. My husband tried to talk me into choosing this donut shop for our wedding venue years ago and yes they still do weddings. This unique donut shop has a lot to offer. They have an expansive menu that will make you giggle and blush. The shop is open 24 hours and no matter when you go there always seems to be a line. Make sure you bring cash, they are a cash only establishment.

As we made our way around this walkable city we enjoyed the many pieces of street art. Unfortunately, the one I wanted to see most of all was closed for construction. Portlandia is a statue that stands on the 3rd floor of the Portland Building. She stands 34 feet 10 inches tall, the second largest pounded copper statue in the United States. She is sometimes referred to as Lady Liberty’s sister.

Her plaque reads:

“She kneels down, and from the quietness of copper reaches out. We take that stillness into ourselves, and somewhere deep in the earth our breath becomes her city. If she could speak this is what she would say: Follow that breath. Home is the journey we make. This is how the world knows where we are.”

Portlandia is slated to reopen in 2020. She must be getting one heck of a makeover.

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  1. Judy says:

    Wonderful story and time spent

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