Miller’s Pond and the O.K. Mill

This has certainly been my most difficult research project yet, but one dear to my heart. My grandparents lived out on a homestead just a few miles away and us grandkids found lots of adventure around Miller’s Pond. The pond was once an alive and thriving community in the early 1900s and now you wouldn’t even know it was there. Nature reclaimed the land and all the old timers are gone. However, no stone was left unturned in finding the little precious information that I did. It goes to show how easily history can be lost forever.

My first stop was the Snohomish library where I found nothing. Second stop was a Facebook group about Snohomish where I was graciously loaned the two images below. These are of a homestead that sat uphill from Miller’s Pond. I remember sneaking up there as a kid to explore the dilapidated structures. Rumor has it that they’ve all been demolished. There was even a community dance hall that was gone way before my time. However, the old gas station still stands in disrepair on the corner of Creswell and O.K. Mill Road in Snohomish, Wa. I also can’t help but wonder if there are still signs of the old logging railway somewhere under vines and soot in the area.

(Photo credit: Bill Betten)

My next contact was a lead I received on a man in Granite Falls who ended up leading me to the biggest prize. He recalled seeing photos of the Mill that the road and pond were named for at the Lake Stevens Museum. I was lucky because it happened to be open that day and after some combing around I found one picture. Below is the O.K. Mill (owned by Mr. O.K. miller) along with its crew of hard working men. This was pretty amazing to me considering I knew it had been there all my life, but had never seen what it looked like. Such a primitive site it was! Now if I only knew it’s exact location, but I suppose not all mysteries have to be solved.

pnwmaps vs 2

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