Trek for Treasure Hiking Challenge

Trek for Treasure is a hiking challenge hosted by local non-profit United Fitness Center in Sedro-Wooley. This challenge is 12-weeks in length. The challenge includes six hikes, with a bonus hike for those all complete all six. You have two weeks to complete each hike. At the end of each hike you will find a container that holds a clue. This year’s theme is “Are We Alone in the Pacific Northwest?” Each clue will lead you closer and closer to answering that question as you play detective in this case. It all starts with the UFO sighting of July 1947 when pilot Ken Arnold reports seeing nine UFOs flying over Mount Rainer.

With each hike the difficulty will increase. Participants start out at a beginner level of 3 to 4 miles round trip and gradually the hikes increase in difficulty to a 7 to 10 mile round trip. These hikes generally have an elevation gain of 1,500 to 2,500 feet.  Dogs are allowed on leash for most hikes, but double check trail rules before you go.

Oyster Dome

“My goal is to keep things exciting, fun, and to explore new trails and make new adventures,” says Mark Pearson, founder and manager of the Trek for Treasure Program.

Still on the fence about whether you want to participate in Trek for Treasure?  Check out their Facebook page and see how much fun this group is having each summer. They did a Sasquatch theme last year and the year before a bank robbery treasure hunt to find the loot. The hikes are to interesting destinations, the themes are really fun, and the event appears to be well planned. The first to complete the challenge and find out if we are alone will get a trophy and the top ten teams get prizes.


Early registration opens on April 2nd and end May 19th, $65 per team (includes 2 team members)/$20 per additional member. Regular registration ends on June 10th, $85 per team (includes 2 team members)/$25 per additional member. A great way to get out and have some fun this summer with family and friends.

Are we Alone? Let’s go find out.


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