Daiso “The Japanese Dollar Store”


I typically prefer to promote locally owned businesses here in the PNW, but this one is absolutely noteworthy. Daiso is a Japanese based company (est. 1972) that exhibits as a high end dollar store. Most items, in fact, are $1.50 each. Some $4 or more.

With 3,000 stores worldwide, 7 of those are in Western Washington. The one I visited was located in a shopping center near the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Wa. Immediately upon entering the shop you will notice the incredible lighting. It was bright, clean and tidy which immediately gives off a sense of quality.

The inventory was really very broad and seemed to consist of a little bit of everything. Sections included gardening, pet supplies, kitchen, bath, craft, snacks and much more. Many things had a Japanese flare which truly set the store apart from your typical dollar store. Unique in many ways.

” We create stores that help our customers find surprises and fun in a way that is unrivaled” -Daiso’s mission statement


18920 28th Ave W #111 Lynnwood, Wa 98036


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