Frontier Heights Park


In the late 1960s the neighborhood of Frontier Heights was established and so was this park. It must have been quite a park for it’s time, but by the 1990s things began to go downhill. As kids, my siblings and I referred to it as “Dog Poop Acres” because so many dog owners of the area wouldn’t clean up after them and it wasn’t well kept. I know that sounds crude, but if you saw the park today you would find it to still be a very appropriate name.

After over 20 years since my last visit I was able to drive right to a small parking area near the park’s playground. Since I am reducing myself to crude talk in this post I might as well throw out the word “ghetto.” The play equipment was gnawed up, slides had holes in them, graffiti everywhere, missing swings, swampy bark and the list goes on. It just screams ghetto which feels so out of place in the quiet community of Lake Stevens.

When you consider the amenities here you would think this park would have been worth up-keeping, but the truth in the matter is that the neighborhood association just couldn’t afford it despite strong efforts from the association to keep it up. It was costing over $10,000 a year that they just didn’t have. After some diligent petitioning the association recently voted by a landslide to hand over the park to the city of Lake Stevens.

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//$180,000 has been granted to the city to upgrade and repair Frontier Heights’ grounds including an addition of a covered picnic area. This is really exciting news as Lake Stevens has a great parks department and I know that the dormant potential will once again shine in their competent hands. Below is a list of what you can currently find at the park as it sits right now:

  • Playground
  • Basketball court
  • Baseball diamond
  • Football/soccer field
  • 4 square
  • Hopscotch
  • Open grassy field

I might not be recommending a visit right now, but my plan is to come back when the project is finished so that I can upgrade my current review. It is very promising, this park.


Frontier Cir Lake Stevens, Wa 98258


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jennifer mcintyre says:

    gee Liz….good reporting….the community could come together and really make a difference here….thanks

    1. Liz Duncan says:

      Thank you. I sure hope they do. I want Lake Stevens to remain beautiful for the girls forever and ever. It’s their home.

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