iFly Indoor Skydiving


This adventure was a birthday gift from my daughter and I was pretty sure it was going to scare me so bad it would make me pee my pants. Lucky for me, the good people at iFly, and the next customer that used my suit I did not pee myself. It was exhilarating and not as scary as I thought to fly through the air. Even when you zoom up the silo with the wind current it’s more exhilaration than fear.

What is indoor skydiving? It’s a vertical wind tunnel with turbines that push air into the silo. It gives you the feeling of flying as the air current levitates your body upwards. The air current was a lot more gentle than I expected. The ecstatic feeling of flying made me giggle uncontrollably.

When you arrive they check you in and get you geared up. You can watch from the viewing area if there is a wait and check out what you just got yourself into. Watch other peoples reactions and also learn some moves. iFly provides a locker for your personal belongings, jumpsuit, helmet, googles, and ear plugs. Once in your gear you enter flight school, a small classroom.  They walk you through the experience and you watch a brief instructional video.  Then you are ready to fly.

Flying is as easy as leaning into the wind and off you go.  The instructor is their to keep you safe and make it fun. Relax and enjoy your flight.

It was a bit pricey, but they offer some weekday discounts, you can find promo codes on the internet, and they also sell flights at Costco. With a little research you can find a deal that works for you.

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