Peshastin Pinnacles


The rainy Western Washington weather got to be too much for us this weekend, so we went two hours East to Wenatchee. While it poured at home we enjoyed sunny 70 degree weather. On our quest for sunshine we found the Peshastin Pinnacle State Park. It’s located within a mile of Highway 2 in between Cashmere and Leavenworth.

It’s the perfect time of year to visit the Peshastin Pinnacles. The apple orchards below are in full bloom. You will also find several varieties of wild flowers blooming. The weather is still mild enough to make the hike at anytime of day. If you plan to make the climb during the summer months I would advise avoiding mid day. The hike is in the open, with little shade.

Technically the trail is a 1.5 mile loop, but people and animals have created so many side trails from exploring that it’s hard to stay on the loop. We certainly had fun wondering through this 35 acre park. Every bend brings something new.

This trail has some fantastic breathtaking views of the Wenatchee Valley, but probably not a great hike if you’re afraid of heights. Look up and you’re likely to find rock climbers dangling from these monstrous Pinnacles. Look down and find apple orchards and the Wenatchee River winding it’s way across the valley floor below. The snow capped Cascades looming in the distance.

You can find lots of interesting rock formations. The winds make nice work of these mighty sandstone Pinnacles. The geology  isn’t the only jewel you will find, wildlife is also abundant we saw hawks and some type of gopher.

Enjoy a picnic before or after your hike. There is a lovely shaded spot for lunching and public bathrooms nearby. Also, a good place to apply some sunscreen. You’re going to need it out on this trail.

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I have heard the best time of day to do this hike is sunset because the angle of light makes the Wenatchee River appear to be glowing. Creating picturesque magical views for photographers.


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  1. How beautiful. I love it.

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