Are you a jerk?


Here at PNW Adventure Sisters we cannot stress enough the importance of taking good care of our public lands and simply being a decent human being. Below is a quiz we created to help you identify if you are making good choices out there and to make sure that you are not being a jerk! We know that our readers will ace this with flying colors. Here we go…

Question 1. You just conquered Mt Dickerman with your buddy Joe and on the way down you just don’t have time for the switchbacks. Especially since Joe is way ahead. Do you…

A. say “screw the switchbacks! I’m cutting straight Down this friggin’ mountain!”

B. Finish the hike like a (wo)man and hit every switchback head on because you are not a cheater face and you know it destroys the plant life and trail.

C. Channel your inner Sonic the Hedgehog and forward roll down the mountain using pure centrifugal force.

Question 2. You pull up to one of your favorite fishing spots and there is a no trespassing sign because it is private property now. You then….

A. Ignore it as though it were your Visa bill and catch yourself a lunker.

B. Ask permission from the owners. Go home and cry yourself to sleep if denied.

C. First, try to pull the sign down. If you are too weak and only managed to bend it at the corners maybe you should just shoot it.20 bullet holes on a 1×1 sign should suffice. If you don’t have a firearm then spray paint it and the tree it’s attached to. That’ll take care of that!

Question 3. You are backpacking through the Enchantments and there are no garbage cans ANYWHERE, you then…

A. Throw your candy wrappers on the ground. They’ll eventually disintegrate.

B. Shove it into a plastic baggy with all your other nasty garbage and carry it with you for 3 days until you finally make it to a garbage can.

C. Randomly drop your empty Schmidty Pop cans along the trail. Maybe it will help other hikers find their way?

Question 4. You are camping at Blue Lake and you have to tinkle really badly, but there is no outhouse to be seen. You then…

A. Just do your business out in the open. You’re in nature and what you’re doing is natural so who cares who sees!

B. find a spot behind a tree or some bushes where you are out of sight and away from a water source.

C. Eh, just pee in the lake. That’s what water filters are for!

Question 5. You are exploring Hurricane Ridge and the wildflowers are just incredible. Mother’s Day is comining, so you…

A. Pick a giant boquet for your mom because, you know, chicks dig flowers.

B. You take a pretty picture of the flowers to bring home to your mom and you let them grow for other hikers and wildlife to enjoy.

C. You trample them trying to get a better look at the view because you are Hulk and Hulk Smash!

Question 6. You’ve packed up camp, but the fire is still burning. Before leaving, you…

A. Dump a bottle of water on it until the flames stop and leave the burning embers going.

B. Start a bucket brigade and douse those flames like a tsunami!

C. As one last hurrah before you go, throw an aerosol can in and the left over fireworks from last years 4th of July shindig in to see what happens!

Question 7. You are hanging out at Gas Works Park and you really love death metal so you….

A. Blast your music so the whole park can hear.

B. Slip on your headphones and head-bang while eating your bologna sandwich.

C. Start a mosh pit and crowd surf while blasting your music.

Ok, time to tally up! If you answered A on any of the above questions you probably have to work on your outdoor etiquette a tad because folks might think you are a teensy weensy bit of a jerk. The truth is, though, you probably didn’t even realize it. Now, if you answered all B I would like to congratulate and thank you for being a great steward and always doing the right thing. Lastly, if you answered C we need to talk. You might just be a jerk, but people do change…

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Do you have a pet peeve out on the trail, parks, etc.?

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