Squire Creek Park & Campground


I had an impromptu day off today and invited a new friend out to see The Old Growth Reserve Trail. On my way home I decided to stop and explore the Squire Creek Park and It’s campground since I had only ever really driven through it. I am really glad to have stopped.

Since it was a weekday there were no campers out and about, just a very peaceful setting. The western end of the park is a grassy lawn with two stout picnic shelters. Behind, I discovered a trail that takes you to a rocky beach alongside Squire Creek. The water looked ever so inviting!

Throughout the park are several RV (no hookups) and tent sites scattered amongst giant old growth cedars. Providing lots of shade from the heat of summer. It would be a great take off point if you are planning some big hikes in the area or river rafting adventures.

For a little history, you can visit Discover Darrington- Squire Creek Campground!


41415 Highway 530 Arlington, Wa 98223


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