Wallace Falls State Park


Wallace Falls State Park is located in Goldbar, Wa.The falls is actually a misspelling of a local pioneer family’s name which was Kwayaylsh. This park is easy to get to and has so many outdoor possibilities. The park has camping, cabins, BBQ pits, picnic space, twelve miles of hiking trails, and five miles of bicycling trails. I will warn you this park is crowded during summer weekends. If you’re planning to visit on a weekend, make sure you get to the trailhead by 10am or you may not get a spot.

The trailhead starts at the parking lot. You can also find restrooms here. From the trailhead you have a lot of choices. If you choose to hike to Wallace falls you can get there via two different trails. Either the woody trail or the railroad grade.
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//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=USThe woody trail runs close to the river and provides river access at many places, but bicycles are not allowed on this portion of the trail. You can also take a side trail to Small Falls and a wooded amphitheater.

The railroad grade increases in elevation gradually and is an easy hike or bike. A much easier trail to take if you have kids. You also see more animal life on this trail. From here you can take the trail to Wallace Lake or continue on to the falls. I have heard that the railroad grade trail is a really great place to go snow shoeing in the winter when the snow line is low.

Once you get to the lower falls lookout at 1.8 miles (if you took the woody trail) you can stop for a picnic. This spot has a really nice covered picnic area. You can eat your lunch while you enjoy the view. It’s a good place to take some photos. If you are still feeling spry carry on,  you will find a lookout at mid falls and again at the top of the falls at 2.8 miles. The trail has a total elevation gain of 1,300 feet. Be very careful at the top.  Each year it seems someone is lost when they slip over the edge.

The Wallace Falls Trail is a fantastic hike to do after work on a weekday or during the winter months when many trails are snowed in.  I just did this hike on Monday after work.  I only went to the lower falls because I was by myself and I didn’t want to risk being out on the trail after dark.

I don’t know much about the hike to Wallace Lake.  It’s on my list of places to go visit.

Wallace Falls State Park is kid and dog friendly.  The cabins also allow dogs with a pet fee. Also, don’t forget your Discovery pass.
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