Lookout Tree Trail


I am inclined to tell you that this is an easy hike down to Lookout Tree, but it is a 200ft drop taking you through 1/4 mile of not very well trodden wilderness. So, yes it is short, but you will be feeling the calf burn on the way back up.

The hike used to actually be a through route to Beaver Lake until a washout divided Lookout Tree from its Lake companion in 1995. Since then, this trail hasn’t seen much use despite its very awesome features.

Lookout Tree is a deceased Western Red Cedar that spans 15 feet in diameter. It’s name was earned when it used to be a fire lookout for the area, built in 1916. You can still spot the spikes driven into its trunk that served as footings to reach what was once a wooden platform. Oh what I’d give to sit atop a beast like this and gaze upon some of the most beautiful landscape in the region.

Across the path is yet another, just as big and still living, cedar that seems to be leaning in its old age. These ancient beauties just appeared so lonesome on this long forgotten trail. Be sure to pay them a quick visit while you are in the area. They are truly a treasure.

More information and directions:

Discover Darrington- Lookout Tree Trail


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  1. How beautifu!! I will definitely check this trail out. Thanks for sharing

    1. Liz Duncan says:

      Let us know how it goes!

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