Fort Ebey State Park


Fort Ebey State Park is an all day experience with 25 miles of walking and biking trails. Our first stop upon entering the park was the gun battery, a coastal defense fort built into a bluff overlooking Admiralty Point on Whidbey Island during World War II. It never saw any real action, but it certainly doesn’t lack on the coolness factor!

I wished I had brought a headlamp, but fortunately my husband had a small flashlight on him so that we could explore the belly of this unlit, concrete hideout. There are 12 rooms total that once held purposes such as the chemical warfare service room, Shell rooms, plotting room, spotting room and a powder room (not one for powdering your nose). The darkness was almost spooky inside the corridor which made it just a little more fun, in my opinion.

The primary armament at the fort were two 6 inch guns that could fire a projectile weighing 108 pounds at moving targets up to 15 miles away every 12 seconds. These guns were state of the art for the time. After the war, however, they were cut up and melted for scrap. By 1968 the state of Washington acquired the land for an eventual park.

Wanting to extend our day here we decided to hike the Bluff Trail, and my oh my was that a perfect choice. It’s a dirt path leading you along the edge of a bluff overlooking Puget Sound. The trail is decorated with beach grass and colorful wildflowers. Every so often you tunnel through groves of ancient, windswept and gnarled lodgpole pines only to reunite with views of sailboats, bald eagles and crashing sounds from the beach below.

After this excursion we took a trail down to Lake Pondilla with plans to get down to the beach for sunset. Lake Pondilla did not disappoint. It is a quiet, reflective pond-like setting with an ample dappling of lilly pads. Birds were chirping and a nice bench was provided for full on relaxation mode to engage. I wish we could have stayed longer, but sun was to set in 20 minutes.
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// hurried back up and over a hill to reach the beach in perfect time as the golden hour had already added richness to the horizon with its pink and silvery blue colors. We stayed for the whole show until the park ranger honked their horn in warning that the gates were closing. We reluctantly packed up and packed out, but I was fully prepared to never leave.


400 Hill Valley Drive Coupeville, Wa 98239

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