Pilchuck Park


The mighty Pilchuck River, named after the Indian tribe that had once lived on its banks, runs through the Pilchuck Park. I refer to this small river as the mighty Pilchuck because I once bragged to someone about rafting the Pilchuck. They were impressed until they saw our little river and jested that I had conquered the “mighty Pilchuck.”

In reality the Pilchuck is a small river the can be very shallow in the late summer months. I’ve floated the mighty Pilchuck many times over hot summer days. In late August I’ve found myself carrying my tube more than floating in it. The water remains very cold throughout the year coming from melted snow packs in the mountains. Despite her size the Pilchuck should always be respected. She has taken lives with her swift current and ice cold water.

Although Pilchuck Park is situated right on the river, it is far from the focal point. You will find shady picnic spots with BBQs and more summer sports activities than you can imagine. The park has volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and a track that runs around the baseball fields for jogging or walking. This is a great place for a family get togethers.
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The play ground has been moved recently due to flood damage over the years. Instead of the playground being on the banks of the river it has been moved back to the other side of the parking lot by the tennis courts. This should save the city some money from having to rebuild it each time we have a bad flood year and be a safer place for young children to play, away from the swift river currents.

You can find Pilchuck Park on our adventure map by following this link.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    When you float the pilchuck where do you start and end?

  2. Sandy Bartel Tennant says:

    I have typically put in at Dubuque and gotten out at Pilchuck Park.

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