Foothills Park


I enjoy collecting adventures the same way some collect Star Wars figurines or old coins. Currently, I am after every Marysville, Wa park I can find. Today, I bagged Foothills Park in South Marysville. Just as predicted, it was beautiful and so well cared for.

There isn’t really a parking lot for this park, and you could easily drive right past it. I found a spot to park on the side of the road and entered the park on foot with my little niece. You descend a small hill and quickly a playground comes in sight on top of another hill. We played for a bit and enjoyed our picninc before setting out on the Foothills Trail.

// trail takes you on a 1/2 mile loop (I’m estimating here) around the rolling hills of the park. You pass by a pretty little detention pond, cross a few wooden bridges and you will certainly encounter lots of wild berries for the picking. Come winter, I have a hunch that this might be a sledding hot spot!



7201 59th St NE Marysville, Wa

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