Lowell Park & Neighborhood History

Lowell Park was established in the 1960’s when the neighborhood known as the town of Lowell was annexed by Everett, Wa. This once booming little town dates back to 1863. Nearly 30 years senior to the city of Everett.

There were three major companies that kept this community thriving. They were Everett Pulp and Paper Company, Sumner Iron Works and Walton Lumber Mill. Workers built their bungalows into the hillside of Lowell looking over the Snohomish River. It is also the site of the oldest surviving church in Everett, being built in 1891 It still stands to this day, despite being partially burned on New Years Eve in 1984.

                                                                              1910 postcard featuring the Everett Pulp and Paper Company

Mill worker homes

  Church built in 1891Prudden residence 1892

In 1892 Pioneer Arthur Prudden was digging to make a foundation for his own home and uncovered the remains of a Native American. He contacted the Tulalip tribe to relocate the deceased. From then it was speculated that Lowell was built on a burial ground for the Snohomish Indian tribe. The tribes called the area Chi-cha-dee-a.

Lowell has done well preserving its old town charm and the park makes for a beautiful spot to play and enjoy the surroundings. Also see Lowell Riverfront Park in the area.


4605 S 3rd Ave Everett, Wa 98203

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