Franklin Falls


Franklin Falls is located about three miles from where you get off I-90 near the summit. The parking lot is fairly easy to find if you use Google maps or other navigational tools. Get there early this hike is very popular. We went up on an overcast weekday afternoon and found several cars in the lot and hikers on the trail.

The trailhead starts at the parking lot and leads through a forested area a few hundred yards into the hike you will cross a paved road and find a public bathroom. Once you’ve made your potty stop, head towards the river where you rejoin the trail to Franklin Falls. From this point it’s a little over a mile to the Falls. The elevation gains are modest around 400 feet. The trail hugs the river most of the way. The views are stunning throughout the hike. The riverbed is a collection of multicolored river rocks and the blue green water rushing over them creates a beautiful picture. The day we took this trail we saw lots of trillium and skunk cabbage in bloom.

The one question I have about this hike and perhaps one of our readers can shed some light. We passed a few boarded up cabins tucked back in the woods during the first leg of the hike. Are these vacation homes used for the summer or winter ski season? Rentals? Abandoned?

Franklin Falls is a magnificent 70 feet in height. When you reach Franklin you will make your way down a set of steep stone steps and you can literally walk up tothe falls. They are gorgeous. Don’t get too close the spray is intense. If you’re still up for more hiking take the Wagon Trail Loop on your way back.

The best pictures I have seen of Franklin Falls are taken in the winter time. If you do plan to visit in the snowy months, read trip reports and make sure you have the appropriate gear.
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This hike is conveniently located a few miles from the summit exit, so perfect for a bathroom break and leg stretching. Dogs are allowed. You can find Franklin Falls on our adventure map by following this link.

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  1. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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