Heybrook Fire Lookout


Have you ever dreamed about spending the night in fire lookout tower? You can rent the cabin at the top of the Heybrook Fire Lookout for Your legs will be jelly after this short one mile hike. Be prepared to make a steep elevation gain in a short distance to reach the Heybrook Lookout. The cabin sleeps four, although it only features one twin bed. It does have a table, chairs, and some basic cooking equipment. Check the website for current details. This destination is often booked solid.

Despite the top cabin being a rental unit, you can still climb the tower to the level directly below the cabin and experience scenic views of Mount Baring and Bridal Veil. I will warn you the hike to Heybrook is brutal for being a little more than a mile long. You climb 850 feet in elevation in short distance and then another 70 feet to reach the top of the lookout. Bring your walking sticks, they help with the elevation gain and loss.
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//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=USThe Heybrook Lookout Tower was originally built in 1924 and latest version was rebuilt in 1964. In years long past men were posted in these towers to keep watch for signs of forest fire. If you want to learn more about the Heybrook Lookout, I recommend this video.

Checkout the location on our adventure map.

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