Icicle Gorge


The rain drove us East this last Saturday to Icicle Gorge in Leavenworth. It’s amazing how easy it is to escape the rain this time of year by just crossing the Cascades. Although, I do not advise it on a Sunday, traffic is brutal that day.

The Icicle Gorge trailhead is located 12.4 miles South of Hwy 2 on Icicle Creek Rd in Leavenworth. Beware Icicle Creek does turn into a gravel road that gets a wee bit bumpy about three miles before you get to the trailhead. The parking lot holds 23 cars and a rustic bathroom facility.

This 4.5 mile hiking loop is great for any level of hiking ability. The trail is well maintained and has gentle elevation gains and losses. The overall elevation gain is about 150 feet. The majority of the trail provides shade, which makes it an ideal hike for a hot day.img_9594

The trail starts from the parking lot and from there the trail moves towards the gorge and you find the path hugging the gorge the remainder of your hike. This provides breathtaking views of the water rushing through the gorge with the snow capped Cascades in background. You will pass over several bridges on your journey. These offer great views and photo opportunities.

You will find meadows of wild flowers, a waterfall, and many interesting birds and wildlife. On our hike we saw a woodpecker, a beautiful gold finch, and many other more common birds. If you’re up for it you will find lots of great camping at the Rock Island Campground that sits on the trails Southwest edge.
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//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=USThe trail is heavily trafficked and allows dogs. Find this and more adventures on our adventure map.

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