Forgotten Creek Natural Area


Everett, Wa has become quite developed over the years and where there was once thriving forests and babbling brooks there now stands a sort of concrete jungle. However, if you look hard enough one can find little gems such as the Forgotten Creek Natural Area. A place that gives respite from the hustle and bustle of the great big city.

Maybe you’ve seen the sign while driving near the Pacific campus Providence Hospital. The trail leads you down a ravine into a tunnel of greenery with a beautiful resting spot at the bottom to get your zen on as Forgotten creek slithers by. I can see bringing a book and staying awhile, but curiosity took me through to the other side of the park where you will meet an open, grassy field and a giant sequoia tree. The BNSF Railroad runs by with Puget Sound hiding on the other side.
// was a joy to finally discover this little oasis in the midst of city life, and I am sure it is a well loved treasure to the neighborhood. Be sure to visit Depot Park as well, since it is just a stones throw away!


3199 Kromer Ave Everett, WA 98201

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