Greider Lakes


I much prefer to write about an adventure freshly after it was had. Most of our adventures are, but in this case I am just anxious to tell you about this place. Facebook memories reminded me that this time last year was when my cousin Tom and I had set out on our great hunt for gold- Golden Trout that is!

Weather is hit or miss here in the PNW around June, but we didn’t care. We were itching for a good hike and some decent fishing. Due to several washouts the road to the trailhead has to be traveled by foot. We threw our packs on and hit the trail. There’s a stream crossing, so be prepared to have wet feet.

Along the first leg of the trail it’s fairly flat and scenic. You will capture views of Spada Lake, Sultan River and a few small waterfalls. The one pictured below looked like a horse head to me with the water being it’s mane. I sketched a drawing of it to help if you don’t see it. 😀

At about 2 miles you will finally reach the original trailhead which takes you up 40 steep and rocky switchbacks before hitting Little Greider Lake. This is quite the reward as the lake itself is absolutely stunning. Crystal clear waters greet you as snow capped peaks envelope around you. A good spot to stay for lunch after your hard work coming up.

We chose to keep going another quarter mile where we met up with Big Greider Lake and by this time the rain began to pour. We got a campfire going with some really wet wood we had harvested and pitched our tents so that there was at least some shelter from the raindrops.
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After hours upon hours of waiting for a break from the monsoon it never let up. I had never been more miserable on a backpacking trip than this. Everything got wet but our fishing lines this trip. No Prized Golden Trout, just hurt pride as I marched back to the car in my emergency poncho I had been carrying around for a decade. I guess I am due a trip back, but on a clear day. This hike is quite worth the return.

(8.6 miles roundtrip and 1370 elevation gain. See WTA for directions)


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