Camping on the White Chuck River


For Father’s Day weekend I wanted to take my husband somewhere relaxing and we ended up on the banks of the White Chuck River outside of Darrington, Wa. There are several free campsites in the area with great river access.

Ours was just perfect! It was secluded with sandy patches to pitch our tent on and our own private beach with full view of White Chuck Mountain. There was even a cute little “log cabin” someone had clearly put a lot of time into and might still be working on. I added a few rocks to their walkway to help out. 😀


When we packed up the next day we made sure to leave the site better than we had found it. Leaving with more garbage than you came with is the smallest price to pay for a zero dollar stay in a billion star hotel. I know the next visitors will appreciate this spot as much as we did and hopefully continue the good stewardship. Public lands are our land.


White Chuck Road Off of the Mountain Loop Highway

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