Fort Casey


Fort Casey is located on Whidbey Island and operated from 1907-1917 as a military fort. During WWI much of the artillery was shipped over seas for use on the battlefield, but the facility continued to stage soldiers for departure to the front lines in Europe. Today this 999 acre park stands as a monument to our history. Despite some areas being sealed off for safety reasons, you can still walk through many of the rooms, tunnels, and climb the ladders that young soldiers once scampered up. The views from the top of the fort are breathtaking.

It’s hard to imagine how this massive concrete and steel fort was built in an era with little heavy machinery. Construction of this Fort began in the late 1800s. A century or more ago this Fort was known as a integral piece of the “triangle of fire.” This triangle included Fort Warden and Fort Flagler. They stood in defense of the Puget Sound.

Up the hill from the Fort stands Admiralty Head Lighthouse built in 1903. It’s been decommissioned, but remains a beautiful piece of the parks landscape. The lighthouse is open during the day over the summer, but closed throughout the winter months.

If you keep walking passed the lighthouse you will eventually stumble upon the old military barracks. As a youngster my first trip away from home and family was to Camp Casey. As part of a school field trip I spent a few days here exploring the Fort.


We made some great memories again on this trip with family. This park is welcoming to kids and dogs.
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