Trail at Marblemount Boat Launch


If there’s something I’ve learned while collecting adventures in this modern world is that not all the beautiful places are listed on the internet. This trail I took today didn’t really seem to have a name, just a well defined trail into the great beyond. Some folks chase rainbows, but for me, I know that treasure usually lies at the end of a boot path. Today I hit the jackpot!

While driving through Marblemount, Wa I took an excursion over to the Marblemount Boat Launch at the Skagit River. Nice launch sight for your watercraft, but make sure you save some time for the hiking trail that sits just to the left when facing the launch.

The entire trail is about a 1.5 mile loop, but be sure to take EVERY side trail so you do not miss the incredible views. The first section leads you through some pretty wildflowers and the emerald green Skagit River to your right. Eventually you will take a sharp turn where the Cascade River converges with the Skagit. Now you are meandering through a wild river meadow with grasses reaching to your waist. Full, enchanting views of Lookout Mountain come and go from sight and at this point you contemplate never leaving. 🤣

Unfortunately, I had to leave, so sadly I looped back to the parking lot once reaching the outlet onto the Cascade River Road. There I ran into a fisherman that told me that the trail boasted excellent chances of spotting deer, bald eagles and even black bear. Good thing I didn’t encounter any bear, but I did notice lots of bird life. This was truly such a sweet find!


From Sedro-Woolley, WA, take WA-20 East for 40 miles. Cross the Skagit River bridge at the town of Marblemount, and continue onto the graveled Cascade River Road. The boat launch is on the right just after the bridge.


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