Whatcom Falls

Whatcom Falls in Bellingham is a gorgeous park! You will not be disappointed with a stop here. The park boasts many trails throughout, but also has trails that branch out to Bloedel Donavan Park, St. Clair Park, Railroad Trail, and Bayview Cemetery. The trail to the Falls is easy going. A beautiful stone bridge built during the depression as one of many government programs to put people back to work.

From the bridge you can view the main falls. It’s a great photo op, but if you head up the trail a little more you will find some smaller falls that create pools. We saw the most adorable little black weasel playing near the water on the opposite beach. The majority of the park is densely wooded, which gives you the illusion that you aren’t really in Bellingham, but a more secluded park.

The park also hosts a fish hatchery. It’s a great place to take the kids to teach them about the life cycles of fish. You can find fish in the tanks from December through May. The fish are used to stock lakes and ponds over the summer.

Whatcom Falls Brochure

Kids and dogs are welcome. It’s an easy trail with little elevation gain. Parts of the trails are ADA compliant.


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